1 credit =

Now with our exclusive Astar Advantage™ Program, give yourself the credit you deserve!
One credit gets you one shirt cleaned, a regular value of $2.25.
The more credit you purchase, the higher your discount.

(50 Astar Credits)
1 AA Credit = $2.00
(80 Astar Credits)
1 AA Credit = $1.87
(140 Astar Credits)
1 AA Credit = $1.78
PAYC Our Regular Rate for Pay-As-You-Clean Clients
AA™ Our Discounted rate through our Exclusive Astar Advantage Program™
Dry Cleaning PAYC AA™
Blouse $4.95 2 cr.
Blazer/Sports Coat $8.95 4 cr.
Coat (Waist) $10.95 5 cr.
Coat (Knee-Length) $12.95 6 cr.
Coat (Full-Length) $14.95 7 cr.
Dress $8.95 4 cr.
Dress (Silk) $10.95 5 cr.
Jacket $12.95 6 cr.
Jacket (Leather) $39.95 (and up) n/a
Pants $4.95 2 cr.
Shirt $4.95 2 cr.
Shorts $4.95 2 cr.
Skirts $4.95 2 cr.
Suit (2pc) $14.95 7 cr.
Sweater $4.95 2 cr.
Tie $4.95 2 cr.
Tuxedo (2pc) $22.95 10 cr.
Vest $4.95 2 cr.
Household Items PAYC AA™
Blanket (any size) $24.95 11 cr.
Comforter (D/F) $27.95 13 cr.
Comforter (Q/K) $37.95 (Down +$5) 18 cr. (down +2)
Drapes (Lined) $2.95/pleat n/a
Drapes (Unlined) $3.49 per pleat n/a
Laundry PAYC AA™
Shirt (Cotton) Hung $2.25 1 cr.
Shirt (Cotton) Folded $4.25 2 cr.
Blouse (Machine Press) $2.95 1 cr.
Blouse (Hand Press) $4.95 2 cr.
Pants/Jeans $4.95 2 cr.
Shorts $4.95 2 cr.
T-Shirt $4.95 2 cr.
Tuxedo Shirt $4.95 2 cr.
wash and fold $2.25/lb (20lb min.) 1cr./lb (20lb min.)
(Astar Advantage ONLY — Free button replacement on laundered shirts)
Alterations Click for Details PAYC AA™
Pants (1 Button Replaced) $2.95 1 cr.
Pants (hem-reg) $14.95 7 cr.
Pants (hem-original) $19.95 9 cr.
Pants (hem-cuff) $19.95 9 cr.
Skirt (hem-reg) $17.95 8 cr.
Skirt (hem-lining) $19.95 9 cr.
Waist (in/out) $22.95 10 cr.
Sleeves shortened $24.95 12 cr.
Zipper replaced $16.95 - $34.95 8-17 cr.
Mend tears, misc. $8.95 (and up) 4 cr. (and up)
Special alterations — Call/e-mail for quote
gownWedding Gown
Rug Cleaningrug

Please note all the prices listed are the base price for specific garment. Depending on the amount of stains, spots, and work it may require to clean each garment, there may be up charges applied to the base price.

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Alterations and Tailoring:

We do all types of Alterations and Tailoring. From hemming a simple cuff on your dress pants, to placing and original hem on your jeans or re-weaving your beloved sweater, to the more upscale and detailed job on a wedding gown or a business suite., we do each job as you wish and provide you with an excellent tailoring service that will make you look great in your clothes.

    If you need alteration (Hemming your jeans, pants, shirt, and much more), there are three ways to do this:
  • Send in a sample and we'll match it — i.e. if you have a favorite jean, you can indicate that as sample (use a post-it and safety pin) and we'll match it
  • Measure it yourself — just use a paper and safety pin and indicate what you need to get done on a specific item
  • We'll send an expert to do all the measurement for you (additional cost may apply)
1-855-Astar15 Email