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Professional Rug Cleaning is a crucial step to prolonging the life of your most loved, and in many cases valuable piece of furniture at home. The usual settling of dust can be abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug, and in order to avoid the abrasiveness of your oriental rugs a good ancient practice is to rotate it every 4-6 months so your rug gets even amount of light and traffic and wear throughout.

However, cleaning your rug at least once every 2 years by a professional is a very important practice that will save your rug and extend its natural life.

Rug cleaning is invoiced separately from any Dry Cleaning services. No Astar Credits will be used for this service, but Astar Advantage members receive 5% off this service.

We Clean all rugs

- Oriental, Persian, Indian, Turkish, Chinese.
- Hand-Made
- Wool Rugs
- Silk Rugs
- Dhurries Rugs
- Braided Rugs
- Needlepoint Rugs


* Minimum order of $50

It shouldn't cost and arm and a leg to preserve the things you cherish, so here it is...

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  • 4) Organic Shampooing

    Another vital step that will help to thoroughly cleanse the rug, killing bacteria and getting rid of the debris that have been "revealed" and dusted out in step 2.

  • 5) Final Bathe & Rinsing

    After shampooing, the most important part of the cleaning process is performed. Shampoo residues and cleaning agents are extinguished from the rug, that may otherwise cause damage to your rug if NOT completely removed.

  • 6) Conditioning

    This step brings the original color, contrast and luster back to the rug and revitalizes its colors.

  • 7) Drying

    The final step after the cleaning and washing of your rug — where it goes through a machine to be professionally dried. Rugs are laid down or hung in a climate-controlled dry room, where low-heat and dehumidified air allows them to dry slowly without damaging the natural lanolin in the rug.

  • 8) Fringe Cleaning & Detailing

    This is done after drying, to clean the fringe and keep them white and bright.

  • 9) Furbishing/Polishing/Brushing

    The final step before packaging (wrapping) to enhance the natural color, softness and consistency of the rug.

  • 10) Final Inspection/Packaging

    The FINAL step in the process is preparing your rug to make it ready for storage or shipment. Each rug is vacuumed and then goes through a final and very thorough inspection.

10 steps to a happy rug.

(roll over the bubbles for more detail)

  • 1) Pre-Inspection

    After pick-up, our professional team will inspect your rug for damages, tears, fading, discoloration, stains, wear, or any pre-existing damage. A cursory inspection will also be done (visually) at the time of pick-up.

  • 2) Revealing/Dusting

    This is a very important step performed before cleaning. In this process the debris and dusts that are embedded within the foundation of the rug are "revealed" and brought to the surface to be cleansed.

  • 3) Submersion & Bathe

    This step allows for the complete saturation of the rug, breaks up the proteins to allow for the full removal of stains and odors.

Rotate your rugs every 4-6 months to prevent uneven wear and fading.

Ensure that your rug has good padding.

Vacuum your rug frequently, but Do NOT vacuum the fringes.

Have your rugs professionaly cleaned.
(We suggest every 1-2 years, however this really depends on the amount of traffic your rug gets and if any major spills have caused your rug to need professional attention.)

DO NOT store your rugs in a humid environment or non professionally wrapped for longer than 30 days.

Things you can do to prolong your rug's life.

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About how big is your rug?

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