• Astar Cleaners is part of a Professional Dry Cleaning team and treats each garment with utmost care and precision. This is why Astar Cleaners has been awarded with the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, by the International Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute for excellence in customer service and quality of work. Our work is nothing but professional and reliable. We know you are not just another customer, which is why you should never settle for less. Astar Cleaners gives its customers twice the service and acceptance as other Cleaners in the Bay Area.

There is NO substitution to Astar Cleaners

    Please note the following information as it is important to know before placing your order with us:

    • Any damages occurred BEFORE washing MAY BE photographed and a note is taken of the damaged area. Astar Cleaners will assume that clients are familiar with the damage and are aware of it.
    • NOTE: It is important to analyze your garments before sending it in for cleaning.
    • We are very confident in the quality of our work, but sometimes we may miss tears and damages, but we’ll be sure to do our best when inspecting your garments.
  • If however, items are damaged AFTER wash and pressing, and IT'S DUE TO MISHANDLING OF THE GARMENT, our liability shall NOT exceed UPTO 5 times the processing charges for the same garment.
  • Astar Cleaners and its affiliates are not responsible for loss or damage due to normal wear or tear, color loss or shrinkage or other claims from processing your dry cleaning and laundry.
  • Astar Cleaners is NOT responsible for personal items left in or on your clothing or garment bags.

    Public Holidays:

  • Clients should be aware of public holidays, which may delay their orders to a day or more after the holiday. However, we do operate on MOST Public Holidays as well, with few exceptions. You may call or e-mail us for more information.

    Stain Removal:

  • Certain garments or specialty items (i.e. Night Gowns) may require more attention and care especially when stained — requiring additional cleaning and spot removing processes. With such considerations in some severe cases clients should expect delays, however upon request, we can inform you if any delay occurs on such items.


  • Alterations are also done within the timeframe of your Dry Cleanings and Laundry items,however instances may occur requiring more time than the expected delivery window. Thus for added convenience clients can request their Dry Cleanings and Laundry to be delivered while they're waiting for the alterations to be completed.

    Gated Communities:

  • Instructions SHOULD be made for Gated Residence or apartment complexes where a reentry code is required for after hour pick-up and drop offs.

    Sign for your order:

  • If customers would rather PERSONALLY receive the item and even sign for it, they must add to instructions on their order. Otherwise, our drivers we’ll leave cleaned items on door hook provided by us when delivery is made. Surcharge of $9.95 will be added for this service. We will make two attempts, each on different days, and on the third your items will be returned back to the processing plant.


    • Clients are able to upgrade or downgrade their membership status anytime and as often as they desire throughout their membership status. Clients will receive a door hook (as needed) and an Environmentally Friendly Garmento Bag when their first order is placed. Each account will receive one bag and a door hook (as needed).

      • CREDIT CARD:

      • In order to take advantage of the great discounts and amazing service and benefits, Astar Cleaners will require all Astar Advantage™ Clients to leave their Credit Card information on our secured and safe database. Once a running balance has fallen below a lower threshold (currently $5), that Astar Advantage™ client's credit card with be automatically charged at the set membership rate.
      • NOTE: If clients have less Credit in their account than the amount of service they are requesting, their Credit Card will be charged for the plan that they last signed up for. Depending on how many items are placed for cleaning, theCredit Card may be charged more than once for the specific plans. (For more information please call us at 1-855-Astar15).

Astar Advantage™ Program is only for use with the Dry Cleaning and Laundry services. Available Credits are not to be used for Rug Cleaning and Wedding Gown Preservations. When placing an order for Rug Cleaning or Wedding Gown Preservation, a separate charge will be applied and billed to you for those orders.

    5% Credit Back Program:

  • 5% Credit Back Program is only available to Astar Advantage™ CLIENTS who are on either SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM PLAN. There are no obligations or fees associated with this program. From the first day of signing up for either SILVER,GOLD or PLATINUM Astar Advantage™ PROGRAM you are automatically enrolled in this program. At the end of each quarter (3 months), your account will be credited 5% of the overall purchases made with Astar Cleaners. This 5% is excluded from services received for Rug Cleaning & Wedding Gown Preservation. 5% Credit-Back will be made at the end of each quarter will be good for use toward any Astar Cleaners service in the following month. If however, clients choose to terminate their service the points accumulated will NOT be redeemable for Cash-Back and will reset to zero as soon as termination has been triggered. 5% Credit-Back-Program is ONLY available as Credit on Account and can be used for services at Astar Cleaners. 5% Credit-Back-Program is NOT Transferable between Clients and will NOT be redeemed for Cash backs.

    Astar Hanger Recycling Incentive Program™:

  • Only metal hangers that your garments are returned to you on from Astar Cleaners can be returned to receive Credit on your account. Maximum number of Credit is calculated based on the number of garments you had sent to Astar Cleaners., this is to avoid receiving hangers that do not belong to Astar Cleaners.
  • Astar Hanger Recycling Incentive Program™ is available to Astar Advantage™ Program participants.

    Terminating your Astar Advantage™ Service Account:

  • You are entitled to terminate your service with Astar Cleaners anytime you wish to do so,however, if you are on any of the Astar Advantage™ Programs and have available Credit with us in your account, we will NOT be able to make any refunds.


  • Rush Service is only available for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services. Exclusions include Leather items, Rug Cleaning, Wedding Gown Preservations and Alterations. We are ONLY able to provide this service if we receive the items early. When needed, you may request a pick-up and NOTE (RUSH SERVICE) on your order. Our rush service is anywhere from Next Business Day to 2 Business Days, depending on the time the request was made by our client and the availability of our rush service. Service charge of $4.99-$9.99 (depending on load) will be applied to your order if Rush Service is provided.
  • NOTE: Exceptions are made on specialty items (i.e. Night Gowns). At times depending on the workload we may be able to expedite orders and pick-up at a later time and have your items ready and delivered the next day. (E-mail us for inquiry at Rush@AstarCleaners.com.


  • Our driver can pick-up the rolled rug from your residence or help you roll your rug upon arrival. Please notify us if the service is indeed required. If your rug is already rolled we assume that there are no specific tears, or stains on the rug — if however our driver helps you with the service, we will take accurate note on the rug, its length, and take digital photographs of any damaged areas. For privacy reasons, you can do this yourself and e-mail us the pictures, or a detailed description of the damaged area. We will do initial inspections upon arrival to our plant and if any more tears or damages are found we will take additional photographs and notify you immediately.
  • NOTE: Astar Cleaners is NOT responsible for any damages or tears that may have occurred while at your residence. Some damages may be more visible after wash, or when the rug is hung at our plant or laid down at a certain angle. We will notify you via e-mail of any issues and take the utmost care for your rug while cleaning. Rush service is upon availability. If in need of RUSH service, be sure to contact us prior to placing your orders to make sure we are able to process your order.


  • When using the Automated Pick-Up Service, you agree that on the specified days you'll have items ready for pick-up. Our drivers will show-up without you having to inform us about your need for service. You can always cancel a service if you do not have anything for pick-up — just notify us 24hr before the pick-up. We appreciate your effort in this matter.

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