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Top 5 Reasons

why you should choose Astar Cleaners:

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With Astar Cleaners, you have one less errand to run — you won't need to go anywhere else! You don't even need to be home for pick-up and delivery.

From your typical Dry Cleaning and Laundry service, to Alteration, Wash-N-Folds, Area Rug Cleaning, Wedding Gown Preservation, Garment Dying, and a lot more, we do it all!

Experience superior service, competitive pricing & an unmatched convenience.

Life Altering

A great company teams up with a great organization. Global GreenGrants Funds.

Astar Cleaners has teamed up with many organizations and other environmentally friendly companies (i.e. Green Garmento). Our goal is help support other Green Businesses and ultimately our impact on the environment, all the while retaining the highest in quality in what we do best - Green Cleaning.
With every dollar spent at Astar Cleaners, part of the proceeds are directly donated to our partner charity OR a Charity of your choice (Approved by Astar Cleaners 4/5 Star Rated).

Get cleaned & look good doing it!

Environmentally Minded

At Astar Cleaners, being "Green" doesn't only mean "Green Cleaning". We are a pioneer in the industry for being as Green and Environmentally Friendly as possible. Through innovative new methods we've mastered the process and are proud to be an example for others to follow.

From the environmentally friendly Dry Cleaning method to coming up with new and innovative ways to reinvent the wheels (process of cleaning), we are all about the environment, and our work continues each and everyday.

We don't rest on our laurels — we seek to improve our Green initiatives day-by-day. Astar Cleaners, truly exceptional, truly green.


With our unique Astar Advantage™ Service Program, you can now get yet another amazing discount on our already competitive prices.

As a company that believes so strongly in exceptional service, we also do strongly believe in our affordable price-model, and know that we give the best value for your money. Our Pay-As-You-Clean prices are already low and competitive, and now with the Astar Advantage™ Service Program, you can get yet another amazing discount on our services plus tons of benefits that take our service to all new heights!

V.I.P. treatment at bargain rates!

Number 1 Service

With a stellar history in the dry cleaning industry, Astar Cleaners prides itself on the exceptional service that it provides to its clients. Our unparalleled service places us heads above the crowd, and that service comes with Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

2012awardofexcellenceT Thanks our dedicated team providing a truly amazing service, superior quality, and an A+ cleaning method and spot removing technique, Astar Cleaners has been awarded the
"Award of Excellence" by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry International - 2012.

You can trust in our unparalleled service.
Get Astar Clean today!



To provide our clientele the highest quality service, with prompt door-to-door delivery and environmentally friendly methods. Utilizing cutting-edge green cleaning methods and backed by a skilled, seasoned staff of professionals, Astar is Bay Area's premiere dry cleaner.

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Our commitment to being green starts with our 100% perchloroethylene-free dry cleaning process. State-of-the-art Noinu Dry Cleaning machines allow for not only more precision and quality, but also a greener clean in less time, saving energy each and every time. We take our commitment to being the Greenest of Clean very seriously, while offering the most competitive prices for all your cleaning needs.

Being Green doesn't just mean green cleaning. Astar Cleaners not only meets that standard, but everyday we come up with new and innovative ways to process your cleaning for you with the utmost care, all the while saving on natural resources and reducing environmental impact.


Say goodbye to those annoying dry cleaning plastic bags and say hello to the new Green Garmento bag! This little beauty made from 100% recycled material and still rugged enough to stand up to the rigors of delivery dry cleaning!

Help us Help Our Planet —

Cut down the use of those Plastic Bags by 90% plus by using our Green Garmento Bags,
As part of Astar Advantage™ Reward Program you'll receive a FREE Green Garmento and Laundry bag for convenient pick-up and delivery.
You'll also be enrolled in the Astar Hanger Recycling Incentive Program™ and receive credit on your account for every Astar Cleaners' hanger that's recycled with us.



In addition to providing the same great service to our customers, as we have throughout our 10-year history, we give back to our community and the planet. As such Astar Cleaners remains an active advocate and supporter of the environment, in part through donating part of the proceeds from each transaction made by you to the Global Green Grants Fund.

Astar - Get Cleaning and support a cause.


"Global Greengrants Fund supports the planet and its people. Every day, we channel grants to community-led projects to protect fragile ecosystems, restore those that have been destroyed, and transform systems that create environmental and social justice crises in the first place. In our 20 years, Global Greengrants Fund has made more than $37 million in grants to 142 countries. Learn more about where and how we work at www.greengrants.org."

Choose your Charity™
Instead of our Partner non-profit, all clients when completing their profile on our secure site may select a charity of their own choosing as the recipient.

Now that's one great way to do your cleaning!

So let's give back to our planet and help build a brighter future. Support a good cause with every dollar you spend.

Get Clean Now.


As part of the California Dry Cleaning Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Dry Cleaners and Laundry Institute, and the Green Business Bureau; we believe in superiority in service and quality. We only provide the best and most valuable service to our clients, while reducing the impact on our environment. We hold these values to be vital to the core philosophies of our business — it is what makes us a winner in the industry, which is the pinnacle of Astar Cleaners.

We take this stuff seriously...

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award_cca2013 award_dliletter2013

So you can breathe easy.



If your questions are not answered by the information in this page, Please feel free to e-mail us at and/or call a representative at 1-855-Astar15 with any questions/concerns you may have.

Q: What's the purpose of leaving a Credit Card on file?

A: The Credit Card you leave on our file in our secured database, serves for the purpose of charging it for the services that you've receive from Astar Cleaners. If you choose to be part of our Exclusive Astar Advantage™ Reward program, your Credit Card will only be charged to re-fill your account once at zero Credit.

Q: How can I terminate my Exclusive Astar Advantage™ Reward Program?

A: If you wish to terminate your Exclusive Reward Program, all you need to do is use the remaining Astar Credit you have in your account.
For example: If you only have 3 Astar Credits left in your account, and wish NOT to refill your account, you may contact our customer service rep, and they'll be happy to only charge your for the remainder of the balance without having to refill your account.

Q: How do I refill my account with Astar Credit every time I'm in need of it?

A: Astar Credits are sold in 3 different levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to refill your account, you must refill any of the levels mentioned, however the level of discount will also change depending on what level you choose to refill. If we process an order that exceeds your current credit balance, your credit card will be automatically charged to replenish your credits at the rate determined by your membership level.

Q: How can I keep track of my available Astar Credit?

A: Every time you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt; you'll see your available Astar Credit there. Also, whenever you go through our checkout process, your remaining credit will be displayed under payment methods.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my Exclusive Astar Advantage™ Reward Program?

A: YES. For example, if you decide to purchase the PLATINUM grade to receive the highest discount for our service, and AFTER you're done with your available Credit, you may simply purchase the GOLD or Silver plan. All our system will do is downgrade your account to those levels.

Q: Can I use my Astar Credit toward any Astar Cleaners services?

A: NO. Astar Credits are only good for Dry Cleanings, Laundry and Alteration Services. The two other services, such as Area Rug Cleaning and Wedding Gown Preservation will be charged separately on your Credit Card. However, you'll receive discounts on those services by being part of the PLATINUM Rewards Program.

Q: What is the schedule for the Free Pick-up and Delivery services?

A: When you first create your profile, you'll be given two options:

1) Clients who prefer to be on the route — so without having to place an order for pick up, we'll show up on designated days that the clients choose, to pick-up/drop-off their garments.
2) You'll simply request a pick-up every time you are in need of the service.

Q: What if the bag that I am using to send in my Dirty Garment can not hold ALL my Dirty Garments, what should I do?

A: Our laundry bags are always enough for even large orders (can hold up to 75 shirts), however at anytime should you need an additional laundry bag, you may always request that (place an order) and we will make sure you have enough to cover you. However, when in need of one right-away (before pick up service) use any other plastic bag, and BE SURE to place your information (Full Name, Phone Number and Address) inside the bag so we can be sure where the bag is coming from.

Q: How does the Wash-N-Fold work, and should we request a separate bag for this service?

A: If you are in need of a Wash-N-Fold service, you may request additional bags for the service. Everything that you place inside of the bag will be WASHED and FOLDED. IF you place an item that is to be DRY CLEANED ONLY, and it gets damaged by the Wash-N-Fold process, its not our responsibility.
NOTE: Some garments (i.e Silk, Cashmere, etc) are not meant to be washed. If you however, leave such items in your Wash-N- Fold bag, Astar Cleaners is NOT liable for any damages that incurs as a result of the wash. By asking us to Wash-N-Fold your garments you are taking 100% of the risk.

Q: What if I have more stuff than what my provided laundry bag can hold for pick up, what do I do?

A: If the laundry bag that we provide for you can not hold all your items (i.e. comforter) please use any additional bag, place your garments in the bag with your information (name and number) on top of your items for pick-up.

Q: What if I do not wish to place my Dirty Garments outside of my door, what are my alternatives?

A: Astar Cleaners is all about convenience and reliable service, and we take your needs very serious. Although leaving your garment in a designated Astar Cleaners bag is safe, if however, you do not wish to leave your garments outside of your door, you must be sure to place appropriate information on Pick-Up and Delivery instructions section on your order form (ONLINE) so that our driver can follow. You can request a phone call as soon as the driver arrives at your residence, or for the driver to knock your door or ring the doorbell and request the garment bags.

You can also request for our driver to (i.e. go to your backyard and leave your items there or pick up from the backyard). We can meet your needs as you wish when it comes to our pick-up and delivery, just be sure that you add the instructions in your order online.

Q: What is the purpose of the door hook?

A: Each Astar Advantage™ Client will receive a FREE door hook, which can be hung over the top of the door so that when your cleaned and pressed garments are delivered back, our driver can hang your orders on the door hook and avoid any damages and wrinkles to get on your clothes.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount for FREE Pick-up and Delivery Service?

A: For clients who are part of Astar Exclusive Advantage TM Reward Program, there is a minimum of $19 (OR AT LEAST 10 Astar Cleaners Credit). However, if you are using the PAYC service, the minimum order has to be at least $25. We do ask our clients to help us be as green and environmentally friendly as possible and have a full bag for pick up and drop off. If for example you tend to send 10 shirts in each load once a week, why not send 20 shirts every two weeks. Better for us, better for you and better for our planet.

Q: How will I be able to do my alterations and/or shoe repair?

A: Simple alterations, such as hemming of pants, shorts, skirts, shortening of sleeves and other similar items can be performed for clients. You can notify us on how much you need the pants, or specific garment to be shortened. For other more difficult items and professional work you can request an alteration service via email. We will arrange this for you if see necessary (additional surcharges may apply).

Q: Are we required to be home when pick-up or deliveries are made?

A: NO. Throughout our 10 years of Pick-up and Delivery experience, we've perfected a system to make the whole process as easy as having your large mails delivered to your home.

Q: What if I have an issue with the delivered garments?

A: You may call our toll-Free line at 1-855-Astar15 or E-mail our Customer Service.Clients can also send digital photograph of the garment they are having an issue with via e-mail.

Q: Is Astar Cleaners liable for valuables left in pockets or the garment bag?

A: NO. We at Astar Cleaners strongly suggest clients to empty their pockets as they leave their garment(s) in the garment bag for pick-up. If however, we do fine an item of value we will return the item(s) found to the client.

Q: Is my personal information and Credit Card information left on AstarCleaners.com safe?

A: YES. Our site is secured with the latest encryption and authentication technology. We are also part of the Better Business Bureau, the California Cleaners Association, Green Business Bureau, and work with multiple 5-Star Charity Organizations. Your trust is our goal and we are proud to provide a secure and safe environment and site for you to work with.

1-855-Astar15 Email